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Tasting – Ugly Duck Brewing Co : Nelson Pale Ale


Nelson Pale Ale


Spotted this one in the local store and the name caught my eye because I tried to brew a Nelson Sauvin hopped pale ale at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately that was one of the batches that ended up going down the drain with an awful oily/rubbery off taste after some weird post fermentation airlock activity. With half the price of that 15 litre batch I bought this 0,33l bottle and gave it a go last evening with my girlfriend.

Appearance : An orange coloured somewhat hazy body. The head is about a centimeter tall and doesn’t have much staying power.

Smell : Right away the beer takes me back a couple of weeks when I was picking black currants – the smell of black currant leaves is fairly evident.  A tropical flavor that reminds me mostly of papaya is also quite strong. My co-taster also picks up the smell of wet straw.

Taste : A slightly caramel malt taste is followed by a nice bitter afterbite. The malt and bitterness is nicely balanced at least for my tastebuds.

Mouthfeel : The body is medium with a lively carbonation (for a pale ale). A pleasant bitterness coats the mouth for a while after swallowing.

Notes : I enjoyed this one quite a bit. The combination of tropical fruit and black currant is certainly something a bit different and I think I’ll to try to re-brew the unfortunate batch when the weather cools down.


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