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Brewday and buns


The wyeast 3522 was happily bubbling away this morning so I went ahead with the brewing. An uneventfull mash and a boil where I hit my target OG of 1.067 to the point. Shook the 11 litres of wort for 3 minutes to aerate and then pitched the yeast (the large starter will result in a slight drop in gravity but I don’t believe it will make a notable difference) and left to ferment in 23 celsius ambient. Optimally I would have waited with the starter for a day or so but since it seemed to be already in krausen I’m not worried. Short of starting a little yeast lab there really is no way to know for sure how many viable cells there are in washed yeast that has been in the fridge for a while. Hopefully this brew will result in a nice Dubbel and leave behind enough healthy yeast for a christmas beer that I have planned in my head.

I also used some of the spent grain to bake some buns. Taste was fine but they were a bit too large and ended up slightly raw in the middle. Live and learn…



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