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Tasting – American Wheat Saison


American Wheat Saison (ie. American Cousin)


Appearance : A fluffy egg white head with good retention over a very pale body. The head leaves a beautiful rich lacing . The beer is surprisingly clear even with almost 50% of flaked wheat.

Smell : Lemony with hints of pine and a subtle underlying fruitiness. The pine flavor has subdued as time goes by and the citrus-lemon character has started to dominate.

Taste : A bitter bite that quickly fades to a nice dry bitter lemon aftertaste with some fruity overtones. I think the lemon flavors are more from the centennial hops than the lemon peel in the hopstand. There isn’t much malt character to speak of in this one.

Mouthfeel : A nice mouthfeel considering the small residual extract (3,7% ABV). The carbonation is where it should be – refreshing without turning the beer into fizzy water.

Notes/thoughts : A nice beer that I have been hitting a bit too often in the  warm weather. A good friend of mine would call this “hopwater” with good reason but it’s a refreshing beer for summer days and goes well with salmon dishes, cutting the fattyness and complementing the flavors with its citrusy punch. Despite the good results with wy3711 (and Belle Saison, same strain in my opinion) I’d like to get a richer yeast character from my saisons next summer. Maybe mix different strains to get the good attenuation with the surprisingly rich mouthfeel from 3711 with some more character from another strain?

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