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Recipe – Summer Oats Saison


This brew was a collaboration with my girlfriend, we wanted to have something less bitter and more malty on tap for the end of the summer. She also chose the specialty malt for this one, flaked oats added to the mash and the spice, Lemon Balm. I used Summer hops for the first time in this beer, adding 40 grams to the hop-stand. They supposedly add a soft melon and stone fruit character that will hopefully complement the yeast character.

The weather is still really warm, too warm to use anything else than saison or Belgian yeasts as the fermentation room is still at 25 Celsius so it might be that the Belle Saison yeast will still have one more saison to ferment, perhaps something a bit darker for the fall months. Then, hopefully the weather cools (though I probably shouldn’t complain!) and  I can brew something else than Belgian beer.

As it happens, this beer is the namesake (kinda) of my girlfriend as her first name means summer and her second name is also the name of a Finnish variety of oats.

Target Batch Size (Litres): 15.00
Total Grain (Kg): 2,300
Anticipated OG: 1.033
Anticipated SRM: 5,4
Anticipated IBU: 19,8
Wort Boil Time: 90 Minutes

57,0%     – 1,3 kg Weyermann – Pilsner Malt
28,0%     – 0,65 kg  Oats, Flaked
13,0%     – 0,3 kg Weyermann – Munich Malt
2,0%       – 50,0g Weyermann – Acidulated Malt

10,0g Magnum (Pellet, 11.00% AA) @ 60 min
40,0g Summer (Pellet, 5,90% AA) @ hop-stand

½ Tablet of Whirlfloc @ 10 Min.
½ Teaspoon of yeast nutrient @ 10 Min.
2g Gypsum in mash
½ Teaspoon Calcium Chloride in mash
Leaves of one Lemon Balm @ Hop-stand

Belle Saison Dry yeast

20 Litre BIAB @ 67 Celsius for 60 mins


Brewed on 2/8/13

Preboil gravity at 1.034, added 2 litres of water to the boil and two more liters later.  Added the summer hop pellets and half of the Lemon Balm for a 30 minute hop-stand. Rest of the Lemon Balm was added at the start of the cooling. Collected 16 liters of wort at 1.032.  Added on top of the Belle Saison yeast cake and aerated for 2 minutes. Left at 24 celsius ambient to ferment, airlock activity started after 2 hours.

19/8/13 Racked to a flushed keg, final gravity at 1.004, Abv ~3,7. Moved to the kegerator to carbonate.

Tasting here


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