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Tasting – Summer Oats Saison



The Summer Oats Saison has been on tap for a while now and I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. What’s even better is that my wife to be also liked the beer, which officially makes this one a great success in my book. I wanted both of our notes for this tasting and we got an opportunity last evening so here they are :

Appearance : A slightly cloudy light yellow body with a white fluffy head. The head lingers and leaves a pretty lacing as the level goes down in the glass.

Smell : I catch some fruitiness from the yeast together with some oats but not much besides that. She gets some maltines, straw, a herb-like quality, and a slight watermelon note.

Taste : A pilsmalt sweet taste followed with a distinct note of flaked oats. The bitterness is slight but balances the malt nicely in my opinion. There is something in the aftertaste that I really can’t put my finger on… She reports tasting a distinct oatiness and otherwise describes the taste as if “biting a birch branch”.

Mouthfeel : Again, the Belle Saison yeast leaves the body very dry but with a nice mouthfeel. I also think that the healthy portion of flaked oats contributed as this seems a bit fuller and rounder than the previous saisons. For a 3,7% beer it feels surprisingly rich.

Notes/thoughts : Considering the goals that we set for this beer I think it is a success – a drinkable light beer with a malty character and lighter on the bittering. The flaked oats work well both in the taste and in giving body to the beer so that was a nice addition to the malt bill. The only thing that I’m slightly disappointed in is the character that the Summer hops contributed – despite the large hop-stand addition the hop aroma is very light as only my GF with her better sense of smell catches any melon character that the hops were reported to contribute. Despite this I think the beer was well worth brewing and I’m quite happy with it.

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