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Recipe – Brown Porter


With the weather getting colder by the day the beers that I’m developing a craving for are moving away from the light coloured thirst-quenching fruity beers to the more toffee malty end of the spectrum. Well, those and Ipa but we’ll get there eventually.  I’m also expecting a visit from my brother and thought that some variety would be welcome and decided to brew a brown porter.  For base malt I decided to go with Maris Otter and for roasted grains I chose Chocolate malt, Pale Crystal and Brown malt, a malt that I’ve not used before. The only hop for this one is Kent Goldings, one addition for bittering and a small aroma addition at 15 minutes. The choice of yeast was a bit trickier since I plan to bottle this one, the two patches that have over-carbonated in the past for me have both been low attenuating English strains, Wy1968 and S-4 Dry yeast. It seemed that though the fermentation was given amble time and seemed to be finished the yeast became active at bottling due to the adding of bottling sugar and continued to ferment some of the residual sugars it left in the beer at first fermentation. This led to the bottles eventually gushing and having to be poured away, a sad event what ever way you look at it. So, having done some research in the internets I decided to go with Nottingham dry east, the yeast that did such short work of my last patch, an ordinary bitter. The yeast will probably attenuate a bit too much for this style as well but hoping to balance that I upped the portion of crystal malt, added some flaked oats and mashed high at 68 celsius. Here’s the recipe :

Target Batch Size (Litres): 15.00
Total Grain (Kg): 2,85
Anticipated OG: 1.041
Anticipated SRM: 22,4
Anticipated IBU: 24,2
Wort Boil Time: 60 Minutes

81,0%    2,3kg – Maris Otter pale ale, Thomas Fawcett
7,0%     0,2kg – Pale Crystal malt, Thomas Fawcett
5,0%     0,15kg – Chocolate malt, Thomas Fawcett
4,0%     0,1kg – Brown malt, Thomas Fawcett
4,0%     0,1kg -Flaked Oats

20,0g Kent Goldings (Pellet, 6.0% AA) @ 60 min For 20,5 IBU
10,0g Kent Goldings (Pellet, 6.0% AA) @ 15 min For 3,7 IBU

½ Tablet of Whirlfloc @ 10 Min.
½ Teaspoon of yeast nutrient @ 10 Min.
1 Teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
½ Teaspoon Calcium Chloride in mash

Danstar Nottingham Dry yeast

20 Litre BIAB @ 68 Celsius for 60 mins


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