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Tasting – Buckwheat Saison



The Buckwheat Saison has had time to cold crash and then carbonate in the kegerator for several weeks now and I sampled it today. This one turned out to be quite interesting.

Appearance : The beer has a nice sticky white head once poured. The colour of the cloudy body is a quite beautiful copper. The head leaves lots of lacing in the side of the class.

Smell : There is some orange marmalade in the smell along with the unmistaking earthy-nutty buckwheat signature. I think the smells mix in very nicely.

Taste : Theres a strong malty sweetness up front followed by the buckwheat taste similar to a porridge made from it. A slight bitterness in the aftertaste. A well-balanced beer.

Mouthfeel : The beer is very creamy, a combination of Belle Saison yeast, the buckwheat and lower carbonation gave this one a very rich mouthfeel despite the abv of “just” ~4,6% The mash was very viscous because of the flaked buckwheat, I’m glad to find that it translated to the finished beer as well.

Notes/thoughts : I’m quite happy with this one, it turned out to be a very nicely balanced beer with a bit of a “twist” from the buckwheat flavour. I think that it probably isn’t for everyone since the nutty flavor is quite strong but for me it meshes nicely with the English hops and I quite like combination. I’ll definatly brew with buckwheat again. Now I only have to keep my hands of the tap until my brother comes to visit…

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