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Tasting – Ordinary Bitter



A while ago I brewed this low gravity ordinary bitter which I’ve been “forced” to drink quite a lot since I have to make room for the IPA that I’ve brewed for my brothers visit. The things we do for family.

Appearance :  A nice copper coloured body under a thin white head which doesn’t last that long.  A pretty lace is left behind in the class as the level goes down. The beer could be more clearer, perhaps I kegged this one too quickly.

Smell : Slight biscuit smell along with a very English hop character.  Though not as much of the latter that I expected given the high-ish hop-stand additions.

Taste : A bit of toasty malt taste at front followed by a bitter bite. Nothing to knock your socks off though, very “slight”.

Mouthfeel : Despite the low carbonation the beer has a very thin mouthfeel. On the other hand, the low abv and the slight body makes this very drinkable. You can knock back a couple of pints and not fall on your face and it doesn’t tire the palate out like something bigger easily can.

Notes/thoughts : This beer needs a lot of work. The biggest problem I think is the high attenuation from the Nottingham yeast which leaves the body too thin and watery. There also isn’t any yeast flavor to speak of which is a good thing in some styles but would be complimentary in a British bitter. The beer could also be more clear, A Bitter should be very clear in my opinion as most English yeasts flocculate very well. Next time I’ll choose a more expressive low attenuation yeast for a beer this small, mash higher and perhaps use finings.

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