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Tasting – Beer Hunter’s Mufloni CCCCC



Appearance : A deep amber coloured hazy body with a slight white head that dissipates quickly.

Smell : The beer certainly lives up to its label here. The nose is vivid with american hops flavour. I get tropical fruits, mango and pineapple with some pungent herbal notes packing. Less citrus character than I was expecting from the label. I’d say that Citra is the main hops here taking the spotlight with other C-hops playing supporting roles.

Taste : The first impression when tasting is of sweetness, there is a distinct caramel-toffee thing going on. The tropical notes from the nose are evident and lend a bit of sweetness as well.  Some firm maltiness gives the beer body. There is a nice bitter aftertaste but on the whole the beer is firmly on the malty-sweet end of the range.

Mouthfeel : The body is very rich and creamy with mid-range carbonation (although this varied a bit in the 3 bottles I had).

Notes : It’s almost difficult to say anything negative about this beer since it’s once in a blue moon that a brewery here comes out with anything breaking the mold. However I have to say that this one left me a bit disappointed and my main complaint is not with the execution since this is a solid well made beer but with the recipe. I feel that an IPA in the 7% abv range should be more about the hops,  hops and hops and the almost syrupy sweet body of this one clashes with the great hop character and mutes it. Still, it’s a nice beer if you enjoy your IPA’s in the “balanced” side of things and it’s great that a domestic brewery is making beers that take risks.

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