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Tasting – India Pale Ale



Appearance : A very hazy orange-yellow body with a slight head that dissipates quickly to  a few whisps and bubbles. Not much lacing but it leaves a bit of hop oilyness in the class. Not the prettiest of beers.

Smell : The nose jumps out of the class and you can catch notes of citrus fruit a couple of meters away. It’s mainly lemony and less the usual grapefruit kind of citrus, the Centennial addition sure delivered but it was a bit too much. There are some pine-resin and herbal notes as well but those aren’t that evident under the lemony wall. It’s a huge nose for sure but alas it is a bit unconcentrated and kind of “generic” lemon as opposed to complex.

Taste :  The first impression is like taking a sip of lemon-grape juice. Then the bitterness attacks with a firm grip that holds and holds. Just the right amount for my taste, anything more and it would make your eyes water.  Nothing else really comes through than the hops.

Mouthfeel : The body is bone dry and the beer has a crisp feel to it. The carbonation could be a bit higher so I added a bit more pressure.

Notes : There are some things I’m really pleased with in this one : the body is just right for an IPA for my tastes, dry and crisp. The fermentation went well, no solvent taste in this one. The hops are really huge so I think my process is solid and when this years fresh hops gets here I should get an even better hop taste and smell. However I think adding the Centennial didn’t do any favors for the beer and using almost even proportions of 4 hops resulted in a more generic citrus hop character as opposed to a good IPA nose where you can pick up different flavors. It’s not that I don’t like citrus in an IPA but the flavours should support each other (as in the nose of the Muflon IPA reviewed earlier) and not clash with each other. This is something I will have work with in the future patches.

The recipe

24/10 Edit : After ten days in the keg the intense lemony character is fading and there is more fruity and pine notes coming through. The nose and taste as it stands now is better but still the hop schedule could be more focused.  Next time I’ll limit the varieties to 3 aroma hops at maximum.

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