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Recipe – Citra-Simcoe Indian Pale Ale


In contrast to the West Coast style IPA that I brewed earlier this fall this recipe is a bit different. I’m experimenting with a different grain bill trying to get a bit of malt character with (just a little) less dryness compared to the last IPA. With this in mind I’m leaving out the sugar addition and I’ll add some Munich malt instead of crystal to give the beer some maltiness without the sweetness. Finally, in an effort to help head retention there is a small dose of wheat malt. A beer with a high hop-oil content usually has a voluminous head but I find that it usually doesn’t stay around for long so hopefully the wheat malt will help with that.

The hop schedule is slightly different as well. I’m not using as many types of hops as in the last IPA, this one will have a bittering addition of Columbus and then for aroma I’m using Simcoe and Citra in the hop-stand and dry hopping. To my nose, Citra gives mainly tropical fruit while Simcoe gives a more pine-resinous aroma which I imagine would complement each other well. The emphasis is on Citra on the warm side and Simcoe on the cold as in my experience Simcoe gives that resinous character mostly as a dry hop. Hopefully these changes will give a more focused hop character compared to my last IPA which had a more “generic” citrus character. I’m also dropping the 10 minute addition, just bittering, hop-stand and dry hopping for this one.

It’s always good to shake things up from time to time so as not to get stuck in a rut. Recipe wise, changing a few things and comparing the results is a good way to learn which parts of the complex process of brewing affect the resulting beer and in which way. At the moment this beer is dry hopping so I should get around to tasting it in a couple of weeks.

Target Batch Size (Litres/Gallons): 15.00 / 3,96
Total Grain (Kg/Pounds):  3,6 / 7,9
Anticipated OG: 1,054
Anticipated SRM: 7,0
Anticipated IBU: 75,7
Wort Boil Time: 60 Minutes

86,0%       –  3,1 kg / 6,83 lbs Pale Ale malt
8,0%          – 0,3 kg / 0,66 lbs Munich malt
6,0%          – 0,2 kg / 0,44 lbs Wheat malt

35g / 1,23 oz. Columbus @ 60 minutes for 75,7 IBU

60g / 2,11 oz. Citra @ Hop-stand
20g / 0,7 oz.  Simcoe @ Hop-stand

30g / 1,05 oz.  Citra Dry hop for 7 days
70g / 2,46 oz.  Simcoe Dry hop for 7 days

10g / 0,35 oz. Citra in the keg as serving hops
35g / 1,23 oz. Simcoe in the keg as serving hops

½ Tablet of Whirlfloc @ 10 Min.
½ Teaspoon of yeast nutrient @ 10 Min.
1 quarter Teaspoon Calcium Chloride in the mash
8g / 0,28oz. of Gypsum in the mash

Safale S-05 dry yeast

22 Litre BIAB @ 64 Celsius for 75 mins (5,8Gal/147F)

Edit : Here is the tasting. Turned out fine, could use a bit more aroma hops (or fresher hops).


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