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Tasting – Citra Simcoe IPA



A slightly different version of IPA for a change, this recipe had a malt-bill with Munich and Wheat malts in an effort to get malt character without sweetness and to get some head retention. I also used “only” two hops, Citra and Simcoe, as my last IPA had a more generic hop character.

Appearance :  A hazy pale copper body with a nice white head. The wheat helped a bit, the head stays around for a while instead of disappearing soon after pouring. The beer has a few bits of dry hops floating around, I have to get a better method of immersing the serving hops (maybe a nylon stocking?). 

Smell : Pine needles and spruce sprouts. Pineapple, Grapefruit . It’s a nice nose but maybe could be a bit more intensive.

Taste : A slight maltiness followed by pine resin (When I was a kid we tasted pine resin and used it as a kind of chewing gum, this reminds me of that taste), grapefruit and then the bitterness hits your tongue. Considering the lower gravity of this one the bitterness could be toned down a bit.  Yes, I did chew pine resin, I’m weird that way.

Mouthfeel : Even without the sugar addition the body is very dry. The beer leaves a nice resinous coating in your mouth which I find very enjoyable. Carbonation is medium strong.

Notes/thoughts : This turned out to be a nice beer. The malt bill gave a bit of character and the body is slightly more substantial (just slightly, this is still a very dry beer). The hop nose is much more focused than in the last IPA but could use a bit more “oomph”. I used hops from the 2012 crop so getting fresh hops might do the trick. Or I could just simply use more hops and accept the lower efficiency. I will certainly brew something with a similar malt bill and some other combination of hops again using slightly larger hop additions.


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