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Recipe – Smoked Porter


Well, that’s another year behind us. Somehow it seemed that I didn’t have time to write during the holidays so this beer is actually a month old at this time and I’m almost tempted to change the title. The idea was to brew a smoke flavoured porter with a bit of body (hence the flaked rye and mind-boggling OG of 1.043) but as it turns out the Weyermann  malt has a very slight smoke aroma, tasting from the fermenter I could hardly detect any. Originally I also misjudged the colour and had to add some chocolate malt at about 40 minutes after starting the mash as it seemed that the wort was too pale. To finish things up in the same vein the airlock started to bubble after 3 weeks which might just be a result of the temperature rising in the cupboard but usually has been a sign of infection. After a few days I tasted the beer and could not detect any off-taste (and very little smoke!). Just to be on the save side I racked the beer of the yeast-cake and added Campden to kill whatever was causing the activity. Now I’ll have to leave the beer for a couple of weeks before I keg it  (provided it still tastes uninfected).

Next time I’ll try to source some peated malt since I really would like to try to get a robust smoky taste with some roast-chocolate aromas and as smoke goes the Weyermann had very little (or it should be used as the base malt to get any detectable levels but even then I’d imagine it wouldn’t have the levels I was hoping for) Just goes to show that there is still a lot to be learned, I would imagine a more experienced brewer would have known the end-result by just tasting the malt (which I did) but I could not predict how the amount of smoky aroma in the malt would translate to the finished beer.

Here is the recipe if you want to make a not-so-smoky Porter :


Target Batch Size (Litres/Gallons): 15.00 / 3,96
Total Grain (Kg/Pounds): 2,99 /6,59
Anticipated OG: 1.043
Anticipated SRM: 33,8
Anticipated IBU: 25,5
Wort Boil Time: 60 Minutes

64,0% 1,9 kg / 4,18 lbs  – Maris Otter pale ale, Thomas Fawcett
15,0% 450g / 0,99 lbs  – Smoked Malt, Weyermann
8,0%  250g / 0,55 lbs  –  Flaked Rye
5,0%  150g / 0,33 lbs – Chocolate Malt
5,0%  150g / 0,33 lbs   – Dark Crystal malt, Thomas Fawcett
3 %   90g / 3,17 oz – Black Patent Malt

20,0g / 0,7 oz. Kent Goldings (Pellet, 5.50% AA) @ 60 min for 18,6 IBU
15,0g / 0,52 oz. Kent Goldings (Pellet, 5.50% AA) @ 15 min for 6,9 IBU

½ Tablet of Whirlfloc @ 10 Min.
½ Teaspoon of yeast nutrient @ 10 Min.
½ Teaspoon Calcium Chloride in mash

Wyeast 1318 London Ale III 2 cups of slurry

20 Litre BIAB @ 68 Celsius for 60 mins (5,28Gal/154F)


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