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Tasting – English Mild



My first attempt at an English Mild has been on tap for quite a while now and it’s time to post a tasting. This beer left me a bit wanting and I’m really not sure what went wrong, if anything.

Appearance : Pours with a thin white head over a dark body that has reddish highlights when held to light. A very nice lacing is left behind when the level in the glass goes down.

Smell : Roast biscuity malt and not much else.

Taste : A nice biscuit malty taste with some roast, as in the nose. Reminds me a bit of mämmi (after my girlfriend pointed it out to me the association stuck). Yes I know, it looks like… I don’t really pick up anything else than that.

Mouthfeel : A surprisingly rich body for a 3,0% beer, mashing at a higher temp helped this one a lot. The carbonation is on the low end which helps.

Notes/thoughts : This beer leaves me a bit disappointed. For some reason the nice yeast flavor that I got from the Wy1318 in the Kent Goldings bitter is not evident in this one. I can’t figure out why since the temperature, as far as I can tell, remained at about the same levels as when the bitter fermented. The mild is also devoid of any hop flavour which is true to the style but would leave some room for yeast character. As things stand this beer is “ok” but doesn’t make you want ” just one more”. I’ll probably brew another mild at some point (without the black patent for less roastiness) to see if I could get a bit more character into it.


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