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Brewing mishap


I had to rack a full keg of beer down the drain today. As usual the blame lies with yours truly… I was in a bit of a hurry to rack the previous beer off the yeast and then left the cake to stand under a centimeter of beer for too long (4 days if I remember correctly) before brewing the next one. I also used only half of the cake fearing that the cell count was too high… Both of these were a major blunder in hindsight. The fermentation was a bit sluggish to start and instead of the typical 3-4 days that the wyeast 1968 usually takes, it took about 2 weeks to ferment. I then racked the beer on the dry hops and left it to carbonate in the kegerator. When I took a sample there was an oily-rubbery off taste detectable even under that mountain of hop aroma. Not undrinkable but definitely not as enjoyable that I was hoping. I decided that I didn’t want to drink 16 liters of so-so beer and down the drain it went.

What I think happened, and what a bit of research in the internets supports is that highly flocculating yeasts have a tendency to bond with the trub if you let it sit on the cake for too long (I don’t know if this leads to the cells dying or just keeps them trapped and out of the beer that is racked on top of the cake). This and pouring half of it away led to a much too small cell count and the yeast was stressed while fermenting which produced that off taste.

I’m trying to stay positive and take this as a learning experience but of course I’m a slightly sad home brewing monkey at the moment. I’ll be brewing the amber again soon with the hops that I have in hand at the moment which means it will be more Simcoe heavy with less Amarillo since I used most of the latter in a Nelson Sauvin-Amarillo IPA a while back. I’ll try to get around posting both of the recipes soon, life has been a bit hectic lately.

In the meantime, happy brewing and keep those little yeasts healthy!


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