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Recipe – Centennial Pale Ale


With a tap soon free I “needed” to brew a beer quickly. Since my previous SMaSH beer, a Bramling Cross/Maris Otter pale was both an interesting experiment and quite enjoyable I decided to try to brew a SMaSH with some American hop variety. Looking through the 2012 harvest hops that I had left I ended up going with Centennial whole hops. I didn’t quite have the same amount of hops that I used in the Bramling SMaSH, 100 grams but on the other hand using the same amount in the bittering addition would make no sense since the amount of alpha acids varies greatly between the varieties, Centennial having a much higher bittering power. I hope that even with the slightly smaller hop stand addition this beer will give a nice comparison between the two hops. For the malt I went with the other base malt I use, Pale Ale malt from Weyermann. It should be more neutral compared to Maris Otter but the fun part is testing that assumption.  Deciding the yeast was a bit of a problem since I didn’t have any Wy1968 available. I didn’t want to use Safale-05 since it tends to attenuate to a high degree which leaves the body a bit too thin in small beers. I had to use the only other option available at the time, Safale-04, an English strain which is rather neutral as well but should not attenuate as much. It seems to have a bit of a bad reputation in the forums as finding any positive comments about it is rare. I think it might be something of a “fall between” yeast, having a lower attenuation but not really contributing much flavour as most English yeasts do.

If I’d really wanted to be exact with this SMaSH experiment I probably should have changed only one ingredient at a time but that would have felt a bit boring (and I should have also planned the availability of the ingredients and yeast carefully instead of going with what I had on hand). I think that this way I’ll get some interesting results and don’t have to brew beer that is almost similar to the last one. Variety is something I really do enjoy about homebrewing.


Target Batch Size (Litres/Gallons): 17.00 / 4,49
Total Grain (Kg/Pounds): 2,6 / 5,73
Anticipated OG: 1.039
Anticipated SRM: 4,0
Anticipated IBU: 34,4
Wort Boil Time: 60 Minutes

100,0% 2,6 kg / 5,73 lbs  – Pale ale malt, Weyermann

10,0g / 0,35 oz. Centennial @ 60 min for 15,4 IBU
25,0g / 0,88 oz. Centennial @ 15 min for 19,0 IBU
45,0g / 1,58 oz. Centennial @ Hop-Stand for 30 minutes

½ Tablet of Whirlfloc @ 10 Min.
½ Teaspoon of yeast nutrient @ 10 Min.
1 Quarter Teaspoon Calcium Chloride in mash
4g / 0,14 oz. of Gypsum in the mash

Safale-S04 Dry yeast

22 Litre BIAB @ 67 Celsius for 75 mins (5,8Gal/152F)

Tasting here.


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