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Re-brewing a Dubbel


My first attempt at a Belgian style Dubbel was not a success. Some sort of infection took over the beer, probably lactobacillus. Yesterday I finally got around to brewing the recipe again, I just scaled it up a few liters. This time I also had some trouble with the yeast, the smack-pack of Wyeast 3787 had a very unpleasant doughy bread-yeast smell when opened. I pitched it in a litre starter and was mentally prepared to yet again give this one up but the yeast did make a recovery after 4 days as fermentation got going and the starter developed a pleasant fruity smell. Just to be on the save side I pitched it in another 1,5 litre starter and the yeast took right off, overflowing from the Erlenmeyer flask. I gave it two more days and yesterday I re-brewed the Dubbel. By the next morning the fermentation seemed very vigorous so hopefully everything will work out well this time around and no nasty bugs will invade my beer.

At the time that I put the recipe together my line of thought was that I would use a simple malt bill and add specialty malts if the resulting beer would be lacking in complexity. I used pale ale malt instead of pilsner to get a malty base and on top of that only Special B and dark syrup (I wanted to try dark Scandinavian beet sugar syrup that is very rich and tasty) . This time around I was tempted to add some Munich malt but that really would have been a different recipe and not a re-brew so I decided to stick with my guns and see how the original idea turns out. I’m planning to bottle this one so we’ll know in five weeks or so.

Recipe here.

25/3/14 Wyeast isn’t kidding when they tell you that the strain is a true top cropper. This was the first time the blow-off tube overflowed to the floor .




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