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Tasting – Centennial Pale Ale



Appearance : A hazy pale yellow body under a thick white head. This one didn’t clear up in the keg even after a couple of weeks. Lots of lacing is left in the glass and the head has some staying power.

Smell : Surprisingly no citrus flavours that I can detect, the nose is mainly of bready malt. No yeast derived esters either, the fermentation character is pretty clean. Not much going on in this one.

Taste : A nice malt taste that reminds me of freshly baked bread followed by a soft bitterness. Like the nose, there isn’t much else in this beer. Balanced but boring.

Mouthfeel : Slightly thin and a bit more carbonation than my usual norm (explains the fluffy head I suppose), I turned down the pressure a bit.

Notes/thoughts : Based on this SMaSH beer I have to re-evaluate the things I said about Bramling Cross hops that I used in the previous SMaSH brew. Even though at the time the flavours of that beer seemed a bit subdued they now seem much stronger in comparison with this one. Granted, this time I used 10 grams less in the hop stand but still the Centennial notes are much less pronounced, even absent in this one. Perhaps I have also over-estimated the significance that the hop stand addition has to aroma, something that I’ll have to experiment some more with in the future by making a dry-hopped SMaSH.

The one thing that is clear comparing the two SMaSH beers is the effect of the base malt used : Maris Otter produces a much more “crackery” malt taste with some nutty overtones, in comparison the pale ale malt I used in this one is much more bready and perhaps a bit one-dimensional. And once again the choice of yeast in these small beers makes a big difference – with some ester character this beer would be much more enjoyable, now it’s just “ok”.

Recipe here.


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