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Recipe – Wai-iti Summer Wheat


Though summer seems to have taken a leave of absence I wanted to brew a wheat beer. I did a hopped hefe last year and it was just the right thing to have on tap when the weather warmed up (which I’m hoping it will, eventually…) Looking through my inventory I decided to use a new hop, Wai-iti from New Zealand which reportedly has a mandarin-lime-citrus character. That combined with a bready wheat taste sounds like a good summer beer. For yeast I decided to try another of Mangrove Jacks yeasts, Bavarian wheat M20. I’ll ferment it on the low end in my new fermentation fridge, hoping that the yeast won’t overdo the banana aroma that hefe usually has. Some would be welcome to complement the hop profile but too much can be overpowering. The yeast should be quick to ferment so we will hopefully find out soon how the beer turns out.

Recipe :

Target Batch Size (Litres/Gallons): 17.00 / 4,49
Total Grain (Kg/Pounds): 3,2 / 7,05
Anticipated OG: 1.043
Anticipated SRM:  3,2
Anticipated IBU: 24,3
Wort Boil Time: 90 Minutes

63% 2,0kg / 4,4 lbs  – Pilsner malt, Weyermann
25% 800g / 1,76 lbs  – Wheat malt, Weyermann
11% 350g / 0,77 lbs  – Flaked wheat
1% 50g / 1,76 oz – Acidulated malt

15,0g / 0,52 oz. Magnum (Pellet, 12% AA) @ 60 min for 24,3 IBU
50,0g / 1,76 oz. Wai-iti (Plug, 3% AA) Hop-stand for 30 minutes
50,0g / 1,76 oz. Wai-iti (Plug, 3% AA) Serving hops


½ Tablet of Whirlfloc @ 10 Min.
½ Teaspoon of yeast nutrient @ 10 Min.
4g / 0,14 oz Gypsum in mash
2g Calcium Chloride in mash


Mangrove Jack’s M20 Bavarian Wheat

1 packet rehydrated

22 Litre BIAB @ 65 Celsius for 60 mins (5,81Gal/149F)

Brewed on 2/6 – Normal mash without raising the temp to mash-out.  Added 1,5 litres of water to boil to compensate for longer boiling time.  Added half of Hop-stand at flameout, half after 15 minutes, total stand 30 minutes. Cooled to 18C, racked to BB and shook for 2 minutes. OG at 1,041, a bit under the estimate.  Added the re-hydrated yeast and shook a bit. Lifted to fermentation fridge set for 18C.

3/6 Very slight activity in the morning, picking up speed at 24 hours mark.

4/6  Krausen formed and vigorous fermentation evident. Lifted the temp to 20C (68F) – the recommended top temperature for the strain is 30C (86F) but I don’t want the yeast character to overwhelm the hops.

5/6 Krausen already dropped and very little activity seen. A quick yeast. Lifted the temperature to 22C (71F) to help the yeast finish up.

7/6 No activity visible. I’ll give it a few days and move it to a flushed keg with the dry hops.

26/6 After carbonating for about a week this beer is delicious, nice lime citrus character with subtle banana over a bread-dough maltiness. Tasting to follow.

6/8 Tasting here. The slight banana flavour disappeared with some time in the keg. The lime aroma is evident but not as strong when the beer was fresh. An ok beer with a slightly too thin body.



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