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Fermentation Chamber



A crucial part of brewing is controlling the temperature in which fermentation takes place. If it is either too warm or too cold the fermentation can produce off-flavours or stall and the result is bad or even undrinkable beer (oh, the horror). I’ve had a few brews which I’ve ended up pouring away because of this. But now, as you can see from the picture, the final piece missing from my brewing gear has made its way to my apartment and I’m not restricted to just brewing Saisons in the summer. Also a whole new world of lagers is now just a few button pushes away.

The setup is quite simple : I bought a small new freezer and a universal thermostat with a sensor. The sensor is placed in the freezer and you just dial in the temperatures at which the thermostat starts feeding power to the freezer and the point where you want it to cut of electricity. I’ve used it now in fermenting a couple of beers and it seems to work quite well. I was a bit worried at first that the placement of the sensor would result in temperature fluctuation but it seems that placing the sensor next to the better bottle with some insulation results in a stable temp, judging from the strip thermometer glued to the BB. I’m very happy now that I’m not at the mercy of ambient temperatures although, of course, the summer over here has been really cold and rainy and I could have brewed non-Belgian beers all summer if I’d wanted.

The text by the way was a gift from my ever so lovely girlfriend, it roughly translates as “beer incubator”. She wanted to make sure that I’m not mistaken as some crazy berry and mushroom picker who needs two extra freezers to store everything. Getting them for home-brewing is much more sane.


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