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Tasting – Wai-iti Summer Wheat



The end of summer has been really warm over here and this beer has gone down well in the heat even though it really wasn’t quite the thing I was aiming for.

Appearance : Pours with a white head that settles down to a finger wide fluffy foam that leaves a nice lacing as the surface goes down. Colour is pale yellow with a slight haze. Not a bad-looking summer beer.

Smell : Lime and some spiciness. No banana at all despite the hefe yeast, which is a good thing in my book. Some bready malt hints.

Taste : Some citrus notes followed by a bready graininess from the wheat.  After you sip the palate is left slightly “short” and leaves you wanting for more taste. Bitterness is on the soft side, suitable for a beer this small.

Mouthfeel :  Unfortunately this is not one of my best session beers when it comes to mouthfeel. The body is on the thin side and watery. People often think that wheat gives a richer mouthfeel but I have to say I don’t agree.

Notes/thoughts : Not bad but not especially good either. An ok-ish beer for warm weather, I would not want to drink anything with a higher alcohol content when the meter shows 30C+ outside. The Wai-iti hops give a nice distinct lime citrus aroma but it doesn’t have the strength of some of the American varieties. I don’t think it could carry an IPA or even a Pale Ale just by itself but could work well in tandem with another more robust variety (talking about aroma here, with an alpha value of ~3% it is obviously not suitable for bittering). Not much else to tell about this beer really, an ok-ish summer beer that could be a bit more fuller. Perhaps some third malt could be used to give more mouthfeel, flaked rye perhaps?

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