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Tasting – Patersbier





This small 3,4% beer was a real lifesaver when summer really got going over here. Now it seems that the warm weather is gone, along with most of the keg. Here are my tasting notes and thoughts :

Appearance : Big voluminous white head over a pale yellow body. The colour is pretty much what you’d expect from just Pilsner malt but the fluffy head makes me wonder why I bother putting “headgrains” in recipes.

Smell : Bready malt. Yeast derived spice and that very specific Saaz herbal spiciness. Think Pilsner Urquell meets Chimay Dorée.

Taste : Sweet malt followed by some spice from the hops. Midway the taste disappears for a while followed by some mild bitterness. Very, very moreish. I could drink this all day (and have when the weather was way over 30C).

Mouthfeel :  Surprisingly rich for a beer this small. Compared to the Wai-iti wheat which had a higher OG this beer feels much fuller. I wouldn’t call it thick by any standards but it’s not watery in any negative sense of the word. Carbonation is middle strength as usual with my beers in the kegerator.

Notes/thoughts : I really like this beer. It goes down well and is so low in alcohol that it quenches your thirst without being too watery. It would not be my drink of choice on a cold dark winter night but midsummer this really hits the spot. I think a recipe like this validates that often simple is beautiful – using just a few quality ingredients leaves room for all the elements to shine through. If you add more than a few grains or hops to a recipe and don’t know what you are doing it’s more likely you’ll end up with a mess rather than an enjoyable beer.



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