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Tasting – Motueka Pale Ale



I’m a bit late in tasting this one but at least I managed to take a picture of this Pale Ale before the keg kicks. An interesting single hop ale, I’m glad I used them solo.

Appearance : A nice copper colour.  Slightly hazy like all my hoppy beers have been after I started to dry-hop in the fermentation vessel with pellets. Not much head but what little there is stays around for a while. Some lacing is left in the glass as the level goes down. (And I notice that the glass in the picture is quite dirty…)

Smell : Slight citrus, strong melon notes (especially when it was fresh) and a bit of mango. Some apple-esters. Most descriptors of Motueka state that it is really citrusy but I really think the aroma has more melon flavours. Quite refreshing for a chance. Perhaps a slight spicy note is evident as well when the beer warms up.

Taste :  Tropical fruit (Mango-juice). Slight caramel note. Balanced bitterness. The beer has a bit of malt backbone though the hops dominate the taste.

Mouthfeel :  Medium-body with my usual medium range carbonation in the kegerator.

Notes/thoughts : The aroma and taste are really not what I expected. When I smelled the hops on brew-day the smell was really all about lime-citrus but somehow that translated to a melon like aroma in the finished beer.  Considering the amount of hops used I’d say that the overall strength of the hops are middle-range. In the future I would pair them with a strong “tropical” variety, say Galaxy or perhaps Citra, or a more citrus orientated hop, for example Cascade. I think the melon notes would work well with many kinds of hops-aromas as a complementing note.


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