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Tasting – Rye Saison




Earlier this year my girlfriend made a wish that she’d like to have a beer that isn’t as bitter as my usual brews. So, I designed a moderately bitter saison with rye. I also experimented by using two different strains of yeast and I have to say that it worked out pretty well. We tasted the beer together a while back and here are our tasting notes.

Appearance : Hafupi : A thin white head over a hazy orange coloured body. It certainly looks the part of a rustic saison. Some lacing is left in the glass despite the slight head.

Smell : Gf : Rye porridge, citrusy in the way lemon ice-tea is. Hafupi : Citrus notes. Spicy. Reminds me of Saison Dupont but the spice is not as strong. Slight hint of straw.

Taste : Gf : A note of  Mountain Dew in the beginning. Then watermelon and ends with a taste of yeast bread. Hafupi : Malty with an edge of Rye. A nice spice character from the yeast. Well balanced, not too sweet despite the low IBU’s (a high attenuation helps)

Mouthfeel :  Gf : “Very drinkable” (yay!) Hafupi :A rich mouthfeel despite the high attenuation. Carbonation is medium-high but suits this beer well. Refreshing and easy to drink

Notes/thoughts : I’m very happy with this beer and that it pleased the intended drinker. The only fault  I can think of is that I didn’t keep in mind that saison yeasts typically attenuate well and as a result the beer has more alcohol than intended. Then again, it should keep for a longer time due to this and my Gf usually doesn’t drink in “session style” ie. more than one beer in a row so it isn’t the end of the world. I’m especially happy with the yeast character and I definitely have to try the Mangrove Jack strain on its own to see if the “Duponty” character is solely the result of the Wyeast strain. Since I was traveling during the fermentation I really don’t know the temperature during which the fermentation took place. It would be interesting to try the same two yeast compo in a controlled high temperature to see if I can tease out more of that spice character.

An interesting brew that resulted in a nice saison that we both enjoy, what more can you ask for?



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