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Tasting – Belgian Table Beer



Life has been busy and I’m behind posting some of the tastings. Luckily I took pictures in time and wrote down notes before the keg of Belgian Table Beer kicked.

Appearance : A pale yellow body with a voluminous head. The beer cleared up surprisingly well after a few weeks in the keg.

Smell : Nice malty note, some yeast derived spice, that “Belgian character” but not too strong. Can’t really say that I sense that Saaz note that I like but then again there wasn’t that much of it in the flame-out addition.

Taste : A malty biscuity note. At times I could taste the rye addition but it wasn’t something I’d call defining. The bitterness is really soft but it balances the beer nicely. With such a low gravity any more of bitterness would feel harsh.

Mouthfeel : The body is on the thin side, which is to be expected in such a small beer. Carbonation is low, as per usual.

Notes/thoughts : I wanted to brew a low ABV% beer that would go well with different sorts of food and in that sense the beer was a success. Nothing to go ooh-aah about, just a nice thirst-quenching pint to have with dinner or to enjoy a few pints without getting tipsy.

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