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Tasting – Belgian Strong Dark Ale



The Belgian Strong Dark that I brewed to commemorate my wedding has had some time to mature in the bottle and we tasted the beer together a while back. I plan to hold on to these bottles for years to come and so brewed a beer high in alcohol (though technically not quite in the Quadruple territory) that will keep well. I was hoping that I’d achieve a bit more yeast character and malt complexity when compared with the dubbel I brewed last year and I think I managed to do quite well. Here are our tasting notes, some of the descriptors are quite interesting :

Appearance : Pours with a finger-wide head that lingers around for some time. Perhaps the carbonation isn’t quite yet complete even after about a month in the bottle, I was expecting a bit more. The first glass poured carefully is very clear while the second ended up with some haze from the yeast which hasn’t sedimented yet. The colour is quite nice with some red highlights when held up to light.

Smell : I get a strong spice note with clove. Some demerara sugar and gingerbread. She also smells the clove-note and in addition a lemony coca-cola smell, allspice and archipelago-bread (a dark  bread baked with rye and molasses).

Taste and mouthfeel : She describes the beer as malty, sweet and with a nice syrup-bread taste. I get pretty much the same notes. The syrup nicely combines with the caramel malts giving a rum-like quality to the beer. We both feel that the bitterness nicely balances the sweetness. Carbonation could be a bit higher for the style but it might be too early to tell where it will end. Despite its high strength the beer is quite light-bodied and easy to drink. Not thick or heavy in the least.

Notes/thoughts : We both enjoyed the beer and I feel that the recipe is quite solid. I’m also happy that I managed to get more of yeast character to the beer this time. If someone would hand this to me saying that it’s a Trappist beer I’d most likely be fooled which I think is an achievement by itself. A nice sipping beer to keep around to be enjoyed on anniversaries and I’m happy that my fiancée enjoyed it as well.



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  1. suvikatri permalink

    Oh yes, she indeed did. 🙂

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