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The brewery has moved!


The past month has been quiet because I’ve been busy moving to a new house. To be honest I didn’t really feel that setting up the brewery was first priority so I’ve only now started to think how to go about brewing in the new house. Having done some research I decided to buy an electric kettle that holds 27 litres. This would enable me to brew in the bathroom where spillage and some steam from the boiling wort would not be such an issue. Cleaning up afterwards would also be much easier. Otherwise I think I’ll stick to my true and tried BIAB setup although there would now be enough room to try “real” mashing.

One advantage of moving to a place where there is a backyard garden is that you can grow your own hops. We ordered three saplings of Hallertauer Aroma from Germany and although they spent almost a week traveling in a cardboard box we were positively surprised when two of them started to grow. The summer here has been really cold and rainy but despite this you can see from the pictures below that they have grown quite tall. If they produce any cones this year the plan is to use them fresh in a beer that both of us can enjoy.

When the new kettle arrives I’ll post a recipe of what I’m brewing first (At the moment I’m thinking it will be a Saison) with the new gear and I still haven’t written tastings on two of the last beers (And I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of the Cascade Pale…). Until then, have a nice summer, hopefully a warmer one than we have here.



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