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Water! (and Hops)


A key ingredient in making beer is water, and lately the new brewery has gone through a dry period since the plumbing is being renovated. I did brew an American Saison just before we lost water (and missed out on a perfect opportunity to do a lager with a proper long lagering period, still kicking myself over that one…) but the kegerator is buried behind a wall of stuff and I really can’t change the kegs (and it would be hard to clean the lines etc. without plentiful water). Hopefully things will return to normal in a couple of weeks and I’ll be able to brew again. I think the break might have been a good thing since at times brewing was starting to feel like a routine where I would just go through the moves and not really think about it.

Not all news are bad though since it turned out that the hops that we planted did produce cones! This means they are both female plants and will hopefully produce some fresh hops in the years to come. The cones did take a long time to develop and there was very little aroma (the beginning of this summer was really cloudy and rainy) bit still, it will be nice to give a beer a homegrown twist in the future. I picked up the most ripe looking ones and stored them in a vacuum pack and when the renovation is over I’ll use them in a beer. Won’t be long now I hope! (and it would be nice to have running water in the house for other purposes like, well, washing and cooking for example…)



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