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Porter Tasting



I’ve been a bit lazy in posting tastings lately (and posting in general) but now that I’ve started to brew regularly in my new home I’ll have to do a better job in following up on how the recipes work. The porter I brewed before Christmas was one of the recipes that clearly improved from my the first try at the style. Here are my notes, written down around new years eve.

Appearance :  Dark black body with red highlights when held up against the light. The head is medium and brown-ish in colour. Lots of pretty lacing is left in the class.

Smell : Roast Coffee, slight chocolate note. As the beer warms up some sweet caramel notes appear.

Taste : Nice roast coffee-chocolate character with a hint of cocoa. Compared to the last porter I brewed (judging from my notes and memory) this one has a nice sweet caramel taste to round-up the roast character. Not as harsh as the last one. A slight nutty taste comes through from Maris Otter.

Mouthfeel :  Nice mouthfeel, the beer feels rich despite the fairly low gravity. Carbonation is low, I’ve turned the pressure even further down in the kegerator.

Notes/thoughts : This Porter is by far my best one to this date. Adding the caramel and brown malts worked well and cutting down the black malt was a good idea, the beer is not as harsh as my last porter. Still, I think that I could improve the recipe still by increasing the amount of caramel malts by a few percent and decreasing the IBU’s just a tad. I also forgot to mash the beer higher… Still a very nice and drinkable porter, I was very pleased with this one.


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