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Styrian/Kent Goldings Bitter Tasting



Here are my notes for the Ordinary Bitter made with Styrian and Kent Goldings and fermented with Wyeast 1986. This keg has kicked a while back but I managed to write down notes.

Appearance :  Very clear coppery body with a nice voluminous head that stays around. There is some foam around until the last sip. A nice looking pint.

Smell : Nice earthy hop aroma. Some orange notes but the Styrians lead. As the beer warms up the malt gains strength, some nuttiness and a hint of toffee. Some yeast character evident when the beer warms up, very “British”.

Taste : A very nice malty biscuity taste and the bitterness very much in balance, the beer is neither too sweet nor too bitter. The slight amount of amber malt seemed to make a notable difference, there is a slight roasty note that I have not had in my usual Maris Otter/Crystal malt bill beers.

Mouthfeel :  Surprisingly rich for a small beer, I think at least partly due to the Fuller’s strain which attenuates in the middle 60’s. Carbonation is low which suits this beer well.

Notes/thoughts : One of my best bitters to date. The hops are perfect for my taste, very notable but not too overpowering and I like the Styrian/Kent Goldings combo. The malt bill works well, though i think the amber malt is more a matter of taste, I think the beer would work well without. Finally, the Fuller’s strain is perfect for low gravity bitters, it’s a shame that it is difficult to harvest with my current method. It tends to form such a thick layer that “stealing” a bit for the next generation is difficult. I think the next batch also had some fermenting problems (more on that later).


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