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Gooseberry Saison


It’s been a while since I’ve found the time and inclination to post my recipes. Partly this is because I’ve gotten to the point that most of the time what I brew is a slightly altered version of something I’ve done before and it somehow feels silly posting a recipe of yet another bitter with the same malt bill and yeast… I also tend to get interested in a new hobby every few years and this coupled with a very busy year has kept me away from the blog.

Having said that, I have brewed this summer and one of the more interesting beers was a saison to which I added a very hefty dose of gooseberries. We have a gooseberry bush in our backyard and my wife asked If I could brew a beer with the berries left over from last year. So I brewed a rather basic low gravity Saison to which I added about 7 liters of gooseberries.The end result is one the prettiest beers I’ve ever brewed.

I’m changing the format of the blog a bit here in the interest of hopefully finding more time to post in the future : I’ll combine the recipe and tasting parts and in the interest of cutting time I’m listing the recipes in only metric units (Sowwy).

Appearance : What a pretty beer! The head is a thick and pink and it leaves lacing to the side of the class almost all the way down. With time in the keg the body is clear and a rich red colour.

Smell : Surprisingly the beer smells more of cherries than gooseberries. It reminds me of Lindemans Kriek minus the slight sweet note. As the beer warms the saison yeast makes it’s presence known but only slightly, the smell of cherries is overpowering. Nice.



Taste: The taste in all gooseberries with a vinous tannin aftertaste. There’s very little bitterness, the beer is more acidic really rather than bitter. I especially enjoyed with salmon.A one-dimensional taste but that was the idea.

Mouthfeel :  The body is on the thin side since the beer is low in abv% but since the taste is rich this is not such a negative issue. Easy to drink a pint or two, a very refreshing beer.

Notes/thoughts: I was very pleased with this one, something different for a change. It’s a shame I didn’t brew this earlier in the summer, it would have been perfect for hot summer days.

Here is the Recipe:

Target Batch Size (Litres): 17,00
Total Grain (Kg): 1,98
Anticipated OG: 1.033
Anticipated SRM:  –
Anticipated IBU: 19,4
Wort Boil Time: 60 Minutes

1.70 kg Pilsner (Weyermann)
0.20 kg Caramunich III (Weyermann)
0.08 kg Acidulated (Weyermann)

10,0g  Magnum (Pellet, 11% AA) @ 60 min for 19,4 IBU

½ Tablet of Whirlfloc @ 10 Min.
½ Teaspoon of yeast nutrient @ 10 Min.

7 Liters of frozen and defrosted Gooseberries after main fermentation

French Saison Ale (Mangrove Jack’s M29) 1 packet rehydrated

23 Litre BIAB @ 67 Celsius for 60 mins


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