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Recipes by style

A few words about the recipes : I tend to have good extraction efficiency with my BIAB setup especially with low gravity beers (which I most often brew) so the amount of malt I use may seem a bit low. They are also given as percentages so that anyone brewing the recipes can change the amount of malt used to get the desired OG with their own gear. I usually add water before cooling to reach the desired gravity so the amount of water stated is the one that I BIAB mash with. If you use the recipe the amounts of water should be corrected to the equipment used.

American style beers:

American Wheat Saison – A saison with local flaked wheat, hopped with simcoe and centennial
India Pale Ale – A West Coast style IPA
Nelsons Citra Pale Ale – A simple low gravity pale ale with Citra and Nelson Sauvin
Citra-Simcoe IPA – An IPA with a focused hop character and no crystal malts
Micro-IPA – A big hop character from Chinook and Centennial hops packed into an 2,9% ABV beer
Hoppy American Amber – American amber ale with loads of Amarillo and Simcoe
Amarillo-Nelson Sauvin IPA – An IPA with hefty additions of Amarillo and Nelson Sauvin
Centennial Pale Ale – Another SMaSH beer, this time with Centennial hops and Weyermann malt
Microrado – Another Micro IPA with just El Dorado hops
Wai-iti Summer Wheat – A Hoppy summer wheat with NZ Wai-iti hops
Pile Driver Tripel – A Tripel hopped with Nelson Sauvin
Starfarer IPA – A West Coast style IPA hopped with Galaxy and Columbus
Motueka Pale Ale – Pale Ale hopped with Motueka from New Zealand
Citra Pale Ale – A Pale hopped with just Citra
Mosaic IPA – My first beer with Mosaic hops
Session IPA – Bit stronger than “micro”, a session strength IPA with Amarillo, Simcoe and Columbus
CSC IPA – A 2:1:1 mix of Citra, Simcoe and Columbus in a dry-bodied IPA
Cascade Pale – A Pale Ale made with British Malts, hopped with Cascade and fermented with the Burton Union Yeast
IBA – Indian Black Ale or “Black IPA”  with Mosaic, Cascade and Columbus and the colour from Carafa III
Waimea Pale Ale – A Pale with Maris Otter and a NZ hop Waimea
Kiwi-Nelson – Another Pale Ale with NZ Hops, Nelson Sauvin and Cascade
India Pale Lager – And India Pale fermented with lager yeast and the brulosophy lager method

Belgian style beers:

Styrian Spelt Saison – A summer saison made with spelt flakes and styrian goldings hops
Belgian Dubbel – A basic Belgian Dubbel with local dark syrup
Summer Oats Saison – A Saison with flaked oats and lemon balm
Buckwheat Saison – A darker, stronger saison with flaked buckwheat
Basic Brett beer – A “quick” beer with brettanomyces
Patersbier – A simple low gravity beer made with (mainly) Pilsner malt, Saaz and WY3787
Summer’s End Saison – A low IBU Rye Saison fermented with two yeast strains
Belgian Table Beer – A low abv beer with Maris Otter, Rye and hopped with Saaz
Happily Ever After – A Belgian “Quadrupel” to commemorate my wedding
New Beginning Saison – First beer brewed in my new home, Pilsner, Spelt and fermented with Mangrove Jack’s M27
Simplicity – Table Beer with a single malt, one hop addition and Mangrove Jack’s M47
Gooseberry Saison – A basic Saison with 7 liters of gooseberries added

English style beers:

Ordinary Bitter – A basic low abv bitter
Kent Goldings Bitter – A second version of ordinary bitter with Wyeast 1318 and just Kent Goldings for hops
Brown Porter  – A low gravity session porter
A mild one – My first attempt at an English Mild
Lil’ Smoky – A smoked porter that could have used more smoked malt
Bramling Bitter –  SMaSH brew with Maris Otter and Bramling Cross
Afraid of the Dark – A (failed) clone attempt of Wychwood Brewerys Hobgoblin ale
Bitter with Invert – An ordinary bitter with homemade Invert Sugar
Black Porter – A roasty porter with Black Patent and Chocolate malts, no crystal
First Gold Bitter – An ordinary bitter with White Labs Bedford British yeast and First Gold hops
English IPA – An IPA with invert sugar and a simple hop schedule
Winter is coming – A Porter recipe building upon the previous Black Porter attempt.
Styrian/Kent Goldings Bitter – another Ordinary Bitter, this one with Wyeast 1968 and two different Goldings hops


Christmas cider – A cider with cinnamon and vanilla
Sahti – The traditional Finnish proto-beer
3 Week Bohemian – My first lager beer using the Brulosophy 3 week method


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